The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead


My name is Daniel, the founder and director of Hakonelog.

Hakonelog launched earlier this month and I'd like to provide a little insight behind the scenes of what I've got planned for the future. I founded Hakonelog with the intention of providing quality, thoroughly tested film photography cameras, accessories and apparel to the Oceania region, and that is still certainly the main goal.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see more and more cameras available for launch on the website, with a sneak peek above of one of the tees we plan to debut soon. We don't plan to stop at just film photography either. We hope to soon offer a variety of analogue video and audio equipment, like Super 8, Video 8 and audio cassettes.

As exciting as gear can be, the longer term vision is to build a community and platform that offers a wealth of information and resources for those looking to learn about the wonders and specifics of analogue media. I hope you join us on this journey!

However you ended up at this article today, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. If you haven't ready, feel free to follow our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages, with links available below.

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