Grade Chart

At Hakonelog, we use a comprehensive grading and condition rating system for maximum transparency regarding our products. Each camera, lens, kit, and select accessories are graded on three or four categories where applicable.

  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Optical
  • Cosmetic

Each category is graded from 1 - 5, with 1 being the highest, and 5 being the lowest, and also differ from camera to lens. Below is a table summarising the components covered by each category.

Category Camera  Lens Accessory
Elec. Light Meter, AE Modes Autofocus Motor Flash Light, Circuitry
Mech. Shutter, Light Seals Aperture, Helicoid Mount Mechanism
Optical Viewfinder, Mirror Lens Elements Lens Elements
Cosmetic External Appearance External Appearance External Appearance

The numbers indicate the general condition of each category, with the table below briefly describing the expected state given the rating.

 Rating Electronic Mechanical Optical Cosmetic
1 Fully Functional Fully Functional Clear Mint
2 Slight Issues (LCD Bleed, etc.) Minor Issues (Tight Mount, Hard-to-Turn Dials, etc.) Minor Dust Few Scuffs
3 Non Functional (Dead Light Meter) Missing Mechanical Function Major Dust Minor Scuffs, Scratches
4 - Shutter Issues, (Some Speeds Inaccurate) etc.

Optical Defects, Corrosion (Minor)

Noticeable Scratches, Minor Dents
5 - Shutter Issues, (Some Speeds Inoperable) etc. Optical Defects, Corrosion (Major) Numerous Dents, Scratches

Understandably, this grading system can be a bit overwhelming, so we also have a secondary overall grading system based generally on how the camera would be to shoot. The five general grades are:

  • Mint
    • Next to no defects, in excellent cosmetic and operating condition.
  • Excellent
    • In overall great condition, with a few scuffs or scratches, or dust in any optical systems, but with no affect on image quality or shooting experience.
  • Good
    • In overall good condition, with mostly cosmetic defects or slight operating defects that would not impact image quality or the shooting experience.
  • Fair
    • User condition, with defects but unlikely to affect image quality or shooting experience significantly.
  • Poor
    • Usable, but with some defects affecting image quality or shooting experience.